Saddle & Canter behind the scenes

Saddle & Canter behind the scenes

Equestrian clothing for real riders - and real women 

Written by @nzmares

In an instagram world full of slender 18 year old equestrians it came as a surprise when Saddle & Canter asked me to bring my horses and join the brand photoshoot. Jodi knew I was wearing the brand already and believed in the quality and style of the clothes, and she was very clear that she wanted to show 'real' women of different builds in the brand, so we gathered together a fantastic group of local riders to show the clothes alongside the professional agency models.

I love the idea of women of different shapes and ages being shown on 'the gram' and I love that the Saddle & Canter clothes are well designed, and look good on so many people. 

The main shoot took place at Muriwai, but earlier we did a small shoot at my place near Auckland, with just Jodi's amazing daughter and I on my horses.

A moment of appreciation for Grace

Grace was incredible. I put her on Trinny without saddle or bridle and she quickly adapted to using her legs and seat to guide Trin and comforted her when she turned her head to ask why things were different.

I don't offer many people the opportunity to sit on my horses, but Grace knew just how to ensure she would get invited back. 

Best things about the Saddle & Canter brand?

How many equestrian clothing brands are there out there that don't fit well, wear and pill fast, have riding tights that slip in the saddle or are over-siliconed and glue you to the saddle when you need to move? How many brands have thin fabric that creases and rubs, or big silicone inside the knee that leaves you cut raw?

This is NOT what you will find with Saddle & Canter. 

This is equestrian apparel designed by a fashion designer, in firm, hard-wearing fabric. These are riding tights with tapered bottoms that slip into riding boots effortlessly and sit flat on your skin. These are classic rich colours that suit all sorts of skin tones and cuts that flatter all types of shapes. 

My favourite Saddle & Canter piece?

I've had trouble finding comfortable show shirts, but these ladies Show Shirts are so well tailored and the lace is just so gorgeous! The attention to detail and quality are perfect, and I love the navy option for less formal show apparel, especially paired with the riding tights in bordeaux!

Surprise bonus feature?

I've ridden bareback quite a few times in Saddle & Canter's classic riding tights, and I can recommend them highly! No slip factor here, as they have tiny silicone logos along the inner leg! Also ideal when your young horse (ahem, Trinny!) is leaping extra heights over spooky jumps.

Wondering who the talented horse photographer is?

Check out the beautiful Bridie at BRV Creative. She's out of this world at catching humans and horses in magic moments.

And my favourite photo?

It's an impossible job to choose just one, but quite possibly it's this one.