Winter Warmers for Equestrians

Winter Warmers for Equestrians

We're loving seeing the new Saddle & Canter riding vests and thermafit leggings flying out the door, because we know this means we have got a very tricky equation right.

When you're riding a horse in chilly weather or in a breeze, you want to feel warm and comfortable, but not weighed down by heavy layers. And you definitely don't want to feel like a marshmallow!

So here are a few features we designed into our winter range to ensure they will keep you warm, without cramping your equestrian style.

ThermaFit Leggings

Slim fit and firmer fabric, these leggings don't add any bulk or dull your feel in the saddle - but they do have a soft inner layer that adds a little warmth and wind-protection to your legs. They are still quick drying fabric, and they have our brilliant silicone pattern up the inner leg and seat for security, just like our classic Riding Tights.


Our Hybrid Riding Vest

Our women's horse riding vest has a detachable hood, so if that's not your style just whip it off. It has 4 useful pockets, and a waistband to stop breezes from rushing up your back. Perhaps best of all, while the front of the vest is a down filled 'puffer jacket' style, the back is a smooth, fleece lined fabric for extra wind-chill protection.

Our children's puffy vest is a snuggly little number with down front and back, and the same detachable hood.



Super soft, these warm headbands come in wide and narrow so you can choose your style. Either way they are a great solution for when the helmet comes off and the wind is blowing... switch from helmet hair to instant sophistication.


Riding Baselayers

In addition to the beautiful colours of our origin range, we added a new midnight black with gold detail, and a bespoke fabric design (Auburn) to our classic baselayer collection. Pop one under your vest for sleek sophistication and total comfort.