A special creative collaboration

A special creative collaboration

Photoshoots can be so stressful. Working with changeable weather, temperamental creatives and highly strung models, unpredictable animals and tired children, garment malfunctions and the pressure of getting everything right, a photoshoot gone wrong is a thing of nightmares.

Our magical Muriwai shoot was a dream

We had a Bridie, a highly talented equestrian photographer and Lily, a very creative video artist, who worked around each other in fluid synchronicity. The material they have captured showcasing our equestrian apparel range is stunning, and we simply can't wait to share it all with you.

We enjoyed our wonderful easy-going, stunning models who loved the novelty of being with horses. Our team of local equestrian models were in love with the women's riding clothes and posed patiently, spending time between shots laughing and talking - and even snuck in a few glorious beach gallops along the shoreline, both on and off camera.

The children were brilliant - cheerful, engaged, so beautifully natural and fresh in the Young Rider outfits

The very beautiful horses (black, bay, grey and leopard appaloosa for a perfect colour scheme) were so well trained and (almost) all immaculately behaved for the five hours of the shoot, even with new riders getting on and off. They enjoyed their snack breaks and river splashing sessions, as well as stretching their legs cantering side by side through the waves.

The stunning dunes and striking West Coast beaches of Muriwai leant a surreal air to the photoshoot, as the surrounding areas of torrential rain and strong winds curled softly away, leaving us with a heavenly calm space with a glowing sky that Bridie pointed out was a huge soft-box, providing ideal lighting naturally.

The entire shoot rushed by in a feeling of shared excitement and pride, with people exclaiming 'oh look!' or 'yes, goregsous!' as they saw moment after beautiful moment caught on film.

Hugest thanks and respect to our amazing creative crew:

Bridie of BRV Creative for photography - @brvcreative

Lily of Make Time Media for video - @maketime.media

Huia of Fresh Marketing for creative direction and weather predictions - @fresh.marketing.nz

Michiko Hylands for beautiful make up - @michikohylands

And everlasting gratitude to our beautiful models:

Marijke and Hannah from 62 Management - @62management

Our Brand Ambassador, Ashra, with Merle, from Te Rangi Horses - @terangihorses

Christina - @peakroadnz

Elaine and Brego - @biniandbaby

Huia, Juno and Trijntje - @nzmares

Bianca @bianca_haws 

And our beautiful children.