The story behind Auburn - Our Limited Edition Equestrian Baselayer

The story behind Auburn - Our Limited Edition Equestrian Baselayer

At Saddle & Canter, we are passionate about great New Zealand design. That's why the opportunity to work with W & B Textile Design was too good to miss. 

Local fabric design artists Nikki Walker and Darya Bing apply a fine art discipline to their projects.

"Our designs are, first, works of art, created on our themes and utilising paint, ink, print-making and drawing techniques. Once we have a final design, the artwork is transferred to a digital space in order to refine and prepare them for printing. We aim to make each design a standalone piece of art." - Nikki Walker

We're bringing you the Auburn baselayer in both the Women's and Young Rider collections, because we think equestrians of all ages deserve beautiful horse riding clothing.

Reasons to love the Auburn baselayer design:

  • The original design was created in New Zealand, just like all of our equestrian clothing.
  • The colours are unique and on-trend for Autumn 23 like nothing else.
  • The fabric is hard-wearing, high quality, easy wash - just like all our classic baselayers are.
  • Stand-out high fashion style to turn heads when you're out training or in the arena.
  • The beautiful print distracts the eye, and flatters all types of figures.
  • Our gorgeous Classic women's baselayer fit and style made for real women who really ride, and the Classic Young Rider baselayer designed for growing children.

Our customers have loved the eye catching quality of the Paisley Meadow baselayer, so we know you'll love the Auburn riding top too.